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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Selecting a title for a book.

I had an interesting experience with the title of my book "Don't Be Give Up." When I entered the title on, the grammar was corrected and they sent me to books titled: "Don't Give Up."  I called Amazon and a lovely lady attempted to fix this problem. The next time I entered my book's title it came up third on the list. I was delighted, but it isn't there now.

I have used dialog for my titles: "Don't Be Give Up," which is what my Grandma used to tell us children when we thought a job was too hard to do.

Sarah Darlin' was what Patrick called the main character in his Irish accent.

Fall in Love with an Orange Tree or a Book is the advice a mother gave to her daughter when they came to the United States. I've stopped using quotation marks and improper grammar, but I'd really like to use this title when I write about teaching school:  Thank You For Learning Me My English. This is actually what a student wrote to me after my first year of teaching.


  1. Okay, this works. You've got it, now keep posting etc.

  2. Way to go Miss Skufka ... or Shirley. Glad you got this working, and promoting your wonderful books. Congratulations on both.