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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taking Suggestions for Rewriting

Recently a beginning author was crticized for using sentence fragments in the blurb on her book. She insisted that she was going to leave it just as it is. I hope she reconsiders. When I write, I would like to think that my first draft is brilliant, but I'm realistic enough to know it never is, neither is the 2nd draft, or the 3rd, or the 4th. Only in revising am I able to correct mistakes, find a better way of saying somthing, and write better. Most of my writing critique group members are published authors, but we meet at my house on Wednesday evenings to read our work and listen to suggestions for improvement. Marilyn Meredith has published 35 books, but she still brings her chapter to us for comments. She has said often that if no one gave her suggestions, she would be disappointed. My writing friends have corrected typos for me, asked me to clarify what I'd written, and in two cases, suggested I start all over. I value these friends because they have helped me become a better writer. I have a cartoon near my computer. It shows a skeleton sitting at a desk with a computer on it. The caption reads: This is absolutely, positively the last rewrite! I can certainlyo relate to that.

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  1. Hooray! I got here finally. And how true this post is, rewriting is the most important part of the writing.